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Example of UX review

UX design process

UX Expert reviews involve the analysis of a design by a UX expert with the goal of identifying usability problems and strengths.


The main goals is to check if users have some problems when using the system, identify problems and make improvements. To analyze competitors, their weaknesses, and strengths.

So, firs of all what we do its a discover the system, to understand how it works, what tasks this system solves. We research the market and business model, we try to put ourselves in the users' role and to understand all aspects as clearly as possible.

Competitive analysis

To understand the product even better, we undertake to research competitors, what is currently successful and what can be improved.

Large headers and air between them create a favorable atmosphere for interaction with the interfaceneed to understand where the main navigation, and where the secondary and where we can use elements such as dropdown, sliders, etc. This approach to navigational elements will simplify the user's work with the interface...

user and Stakeholder interviews

After seeing the product + competition in this stage we wanted to hear firsthand our target audience's experiences and also stakeholders to cater the final product towards their needs

user and Stakeholder interviews
user and Stakeholder interviews

Analyzing the data

Needs to analyze the data that we got, to structure it depends on pains and main points

Identifying usability issues

An expert assessment of the current user interface with a description of the advantages and disadvantages of the system and recommendations for improving its use.

Identifying usability issues
Identifying usability issues
Identifying usability issues

User activity screen recording

One the good instrument for identifying users' issues and getting some analytics data it's screen recording tools like Hotjar which we use in this example.


Definition of the product audience, their needs, motivation, tasks to be addressed by the product. Creating usage scenarios (user cases, user story, personas)

read roadmap

Generation of ideas

Creation of sketches, user flow, wireframes and Rapid Prototyping. Basically, we print wireframes on paper, start usability testing in front of a user guiding her through the process. Discover usability issues and validate design decisions based on actual user reactions.

Interactive Prototypes

Prototypes provide a great deal of insight into the user interaction at various levels. Prototypes allow us to test the feasibility and usability of our designs before begin writing code, they also lead to unexpected discoveries and innovations that may or may not take our project beyond its initial scope.

Test prototypes, receive feedback.

Major Improvements

After concept testing which leads to the platform, we would integrate and test 3 more times, each building upon the suggestions of the previous.

  • Redesign the basic information architecture, which will optimize the space that is not currently used and make navigation more convenient
  • Improve search, add placelets, input labels
  • Make the state  and switch more clear. The first use title, after switcher. For exemple: Research mode - On/Of
  • Show search when user scrolling page
  • Show save button when user scrolling page
  • And more...

Design team

Product designer

UX researcher

UX designer

UI/UX designer

Design coordinator