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Is Your Website Not Producing the Results You Want?

Then make it fit the preferences and solve all the user tasks. Sometimes what is clear to you can be difficult to understand for the client.

More 70% of products have issues that could be solved by conducting usability research.

The purpose of usability audit is to identify errors in the visual design and logic of the user interfaces, as well as to find solutions to solve their problems. UX review is the best way to validate your product.We can help in various situations.

Benefits of a UX Review

Get rid of UX problems and increase the conversion by several times.

More leads

Lead customers to the target action imperceptibly. A thought-out UX design makes this process logical, natural and easy.

Easier search of the important information

The speed of the reply to the major questions determines the level of user confidence in you. Availability of information makes you more reliable for the customers.

More registrations

With the UX adapted resources users not just solve their problems, but also experience the full freedom of actions. And that's the thing they would definitely like to repeat

Faster and more effective task completion

The longer is the product path to the final consumer, the less company earns. UX design provides application optimization and simplifies the user process flows.

More completed actions

The simplicity and consistency of the process are important to complete the action. We will help in leading the user to the final step as gently as possible.

More happy users

To be heard, you need not just to speak, but also to communicate with customers in their language. We provide a wide range of services for proofreading, editing and translating text.

How it works

Checking the Project Use Cases

  • Learning the project, the product, as well as the data of the existing resources.
  • User history analysis.
  • Competitive analysis: identifying strengths, weaknesses, and the opportunities.


  • The ease of use evaluating. Experts perform actions personally to users and mark the stages that contain hitches.
  • Identifying the usability bugs. We test the resources and look for the product algorithm errors.
  • Competitive analysis: identifying strengths, weaknesses, and the opportunities.


There are three possible directions for resources improvement:

  • Application usability (arrangement, design, actions flow)
  • Company image of the application (how to create and improve strong brand positioning of the company).
  • Resources promotion (possible strategies for the project development and promotion).


Our UX review (audit) is based on the our designer expertise, as well as the rules of the best ux experts, principles of usability and user interface practices.

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What will be done

Let`s detect the UX problems
your business faces

  1. Professional service of our specialists
  2. Document with Annotated Screen Shots
  3. Improvements suggestion
  4. Business and Competitor analysis
  5. Market research and analysis
  6. Stakeholders interviews
  7. Persona development, User Journey Map and user scenarios
  8. Creating Wireframes, User Flow
  9. Interactive Prototype on Figma
  10. Project management support, video conference with you and your team to discuss the audit results.

Frequently asked questions

What is User Experience (UX) Design?

User experience (UX) design is the process of creating products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. This involves the design of the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, including aspects of branding, design, usability, and function.

What Is UX Design Review for?

UX Review is the usability and correctness verification of perception of the resource by users.

It allows you to detect weaknesses of the site or application, which create difficulties for visitors. It is a review of usability convenience, which is conducted by a reviewer. This is an empirical process. His task is to identify weaknesses and problems that make the use of the resource less pleasant.

After completion of the UX audit, you get not only a list of problems. We also give recommendations how to solve them.

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In what format will I get an audit?

The results of the audit are sent in a text document, which is more convenient for the customer.
Possible formats: .doc and .pdf.

How to use the result of the UX review?

During the work, we are forming a report. It contains a list of found errors, design weaknesses, interface design flaws, as well as the logic of its operation.

However, you get not only a list of problems. Each item is accompanied by recommendations to eliminate errors. To implement them you will need the help of specialists: designers and programmers. You can delegate these tasks to your company's employees.

Alternatively, if there are no designers and programmers in the staff, you can contact our specialists. It is possible to conduct a UX audit with the following implementation of all recommendations. To use it, it is enough to discuss this point while making an order.

Why is it Important?

In conditions of high competition, convenient usability of the product determines the level of users' loyalty to it. Bad combination of colors or difficulties in performing an operation can be frightening off. Moreover, the user will go to your competitor.

Often the reason lies not in the fault of something. The perception of a resource is influenced by social, ethnic, and even age characteristics. We help to identify them, take into account and adapt to the design and operation of the resource.

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