Assysta CRM

Assysta is a clean, minimal and user-friendly app for all individual users and companies, who love to spend their time with benefit.


On Assysta CRM app user can set tasks, goals, projects and follow their progress with a convenient system, which include chat, file system, calendar, scheduls and diagram.

  • Research
  • UX
  • Logo design
  • Prototyping
  • User Testing
  • UI Design
  • UI Kit design system


The process starting with creating of logo. This step gives right colors, forms and vector of all project.


The next step started with the creation of  wireframes. Generally for this project was creating more than 50 fully animated and clickable screens.

Final design

The final design process after prototyping focuses on refining the prototype and getting it ready for production.

Project Team

Project UX lead

Vadim Zaycev

UI Designer

Oleh Mykhaletskyi

UX Designer

Ihor Paser

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