Life organizer

Personal guide for more productivity


Our goal was to develop a platform that will organize life and win one hour a day. It is possible with the help of a tool that would help increase productivity by focusing on the key success factors.

  • Research
  • UX
  • Prototyping
  • User Testing
  • Front-end
  • Backend
  • UI Design
  • UI Kit design system
  • Mobile app design

UX Research

Research the planning tools to understand user behavior needs and perspectives to better empathize with the user.

So we start from UX part and do research in this area. We analyze competitors and create user personas, red road map and write user story.

read roadmap

User Personas

Using insights derived from our user interviews, we went on to create personas for each of UBiqube’s user types. These personas are critical in driving design decisions, such as having different views for administrative vs. developer personas, as well as serving up the right content, for the right user type at the right times.

User Persona
User Persona


Wireframing and high fidelity prototyping is the main part of our design process and after research we start to sketch a lot of userflow options and combine our sketches in the best variant of wireframes.

Visual Design

Being that usage differs between user types, our visual design concepts needed to be clean, modular, and universal.


Mobile app

We have also developed a mobile application that is very easy to use.

web site Design

We developed a web site for the presentation and promotion of the service and mobile application.

Design system

We prepared a UI design system is a collection of reusable components, guided by clear standards, that can be assembled together to build new pages and features. Also, it speeds up the development part.

Project Team

Project UX lead

Vadim Zaycev

UI Designer

Tatiana Prodan

UX Designer

Ihor Paser

UX Resercher

Anastasia Hodan

Project manager

Andrii Mihailovschii

Web Developer

Michael Stefanko

Front-end Developer

Andrij Lerka

Hybrid App Developer

Mykola Hryshchuk

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